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Looking for a brand new, precision machined and assembled High Performance 2.3 Turbo engine? Look no further than our complete long block assembly.  It comes to you shipped on a pallet ready for you to install in your engine bay. We eliminate the hassle of our customers having to find a reputable machine shop, the long wait most machine shops have, getting the proper parts and the knowledge needed to properly assemble a 2.3 engine including properly degreeing the camshaft in- we can do it all.  The base engine package includes our stage 3 turbo shortblock assembly with stage 3 head installed with ARP head studs and performance head gasket.  We can install a pulley set and degree the cam for you however we will need your auxiliary shaft, auxiliary shaft seal aluminum cover, front main seal aluminum cover, pulley set, tensioner and tensioner hardware.  Please give us a call if you have questions or for freight quotes. Freight will be billed seperately at time of shipment due to constantly changing rates. We try to keep these in stock and typically ship 2-3 weeks after payment is received to allow us time to install the head and properly crate the engine for safe shipping. Core returned must include:  Rebuildable condition Std. Bore turbo block, Standard size main and rod crankshaft, oil pan, front main seal aluminum cover, auxiliary shaft, auxiliary shaft seal cover, crack free iron D port cylinder head,  all Tensioner Hardware, valve cover.

2.3 Turbo Stage 3 Long Block Engine Assembly

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