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 Finally a purpose built turbo power-rated connecting rod for the 2.3L available off the shelf. The rods are forged from 4340 alloy and feature upgraded ARP 2000 bolts for higher power and rpm capability. These are manufacturer rated (conservatively) for 800HP and 8000rpms. They are available in stock 5.2" length and soon 5.4" versions for 2.5L strokers. The rods are machined in the USA and are ready to assemble in your engine out of the box. Bushed for full-floating pins in .912" diameter to work with aftermarket CP Pistons and others. Standard 2.172" big end for stock crankshafts. Average weight 582 grams (weight matched sets). Price includes (4) rods, bolt torque/stretch spec sheet and packet of ARP bolt assembly lube.

Boport H Beam Heavy Duty Turbo Rods

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