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This is the highest flowing modified OEM intake manifold available for the 2.3 Ford, now available fully CNC ported. Years of flowbench R&D has gone into it's making. Runner lengths and flow have been equalized across all 4 runners for huge power gains in the midrange and top end especially with ported heads flowing 200cfm or more. This flows 15cfm more than our hand ported stage 3 and across all 4 intake runners. This manifold is an excellent choice for high output turbo and N/A circle track racing where classes are limited to factory manifolds. Dyno Proven to 290+hp N/A and 700HP boosted. Available with our CNC matched 1" Holley 2 barrel adapter for carbureted applications. If carbureted selection is made below we will plug the injector ports for you. Core charge applies (core sent in must be unmodified, undamaged and not EAP casting for credit-please call if unsure). Simply put... Buy one or get beat by one!

CNC Ported EFI Lower Intake Manifold

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