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What better way to top off your stage 3 or 4 ported head than with our CNC ported upper and lower intake manifolds. These extensively modified units are flow bench developed to achieve not only the highest flow but also the most even flow distribution possible within the limits of a factory casting. If you have a head flowing over 200cfm of intake flow, you need these intakes to keep up with the flow demands of your head. Both parts are cnc port matched together and to our heads (standard fel-pro gasket). The upper throttle body bore is opened up to 65mm standard. They come cleaned, surfaced, all threaded holes chased, ready to assembly onto your engine.  Since we can only CNC port the Short upper intake pictured,  a phenolic spacer and extra plenum gasket with hardware come standard on all "tall" non 87-88 turbocoupe applications. We do not offer this service for 83-85 Inline Style Intakes or 89 and later ranger dual spark plug engines. Cores sent must be correct year range 85.5-1988 and free of any damage, modification or heavy corrosion at water port. EAP cast lowers not accepted.

CNC Ported Upper and Lower Intake Combo

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