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Eliminate the headache and hassle trying to figure out what parts you need when building a head yourself with one of our high lift stage 2 and larger cams. These kits are 100% drop in and require no machine work for stock valve size heads- oversized valve option requires machining a new valve job in your head. Available with or without roller followers, these kits include a new BOPORT roller camshaft (stages 1-4), matched springs and retainers, oversized stainless steel valves, valve locks, performance wide groove HLA's, shims, and seals for the valves and cam. Stage 3X and Stage 4 cam options require solid lifter conversion kit (available in options below) and head machining is required to install solid lifters. X Series Beehive valve springs are included with all X series and solid lifter camshafts.

Complete Top End Kit

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