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When it comes to that point where you need to rebuild or upgrade the performance of your 2.3 turbo engine, why install a piston with less quality than the factory installed? Do it right the first time and install a set of TOP OF THE LINE CP Forged Pistons and rings, available now off the shelf from Boport. No down time for a custom set to be made- we stock several different designs on our shelves ready to ship . In our opinion these are the only 2.3 turbo pistons and ring sets available off the shelf that meet and exceed the factory designed parts. From the proprietary skirt design to aid in sealing and durability to the dual forced pin oiling and the brutally tough gas nitrided steel metric ring pack with a tapered hook groove second ring.... the list goes on and on. You cannot buy a more technologically advanced or higher quality 2.3 piston off the shelf than these pistons. .

All our shelf stock CP pistons are designed with piston to wall clearance BUILT INTO the piston, and are designed to be used on either a 3.800" or 3.810" FINISHED bore-  please select bore size below.

Includes (4) pistons, pins, rings, locks and instruction sheet

CP Forged Turbo Pistons

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