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These camshafts can be used in a variety of applications from daily drivers to 2.5L ranger truck circletrack racing. We offer 2 versions, a 1.1 and 1.5 grind. The 1.1 is designed as a mild performance upgrade for non-turbo street Ford Ranger and Mustangs. RPM range 1500-5000rpm. Slight "chop" or "lope" at idle. Expect a nice bump up in midrange power from the stock roller camshaft while retaining most low rpm torque. Adds 15whp on a stock engine.  Works with stock ecu. 


The 1.5 version has an rpm range of 2000-6000rpm and has a noticeable chop/lope at idle. This cam can be used with the stock ecu however you may need to adjust the idle and or use a tuner for it to properly run for the street. Racing applications however this is a non-issue and the stock ecu will run it fine on the race track. We have seen +25rwhp gain with this camshaft and no other changes. 


These are reduced base circle cams and both will require shimming of the HLA's for proper operation. Shim kit and detailed instructions are included with every cam. Spring kit for 1994-2000 requires special matching retainers, spring kit for early head uses stock retainers. 

N/A Ranger Cams .436/.436" 1500-6000RPM

  • BOPORT 2.3 ford camshafts are dyno developed cams, all of which are specifically designed turbo cams with different intended purposes. We do not advertise detailed lobe timing events of our camshafts on this site. We have worked hard to dyno develop our camshafts and do not feel like giving away that information to our competitors. What we do include is the important information about each cam's running characteristics, valve lift (to ensure the cam will mechanically fit), and we also publish recommended spring pressure requirements to ensure stable valvetrain operation with our cam lobe profiles. Cam timing cards are available with purchase of your cam. For best performance, we recommend degreeing your camshaft in to it's specific intake lobe centerline angle and adjusting from there if needed with the use of an adjustable cam gear. This information is included with the purchase of your cam.

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