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Stage 1.1
The 1.1 is designed for enthusiasts seeking a cam that offers maximum low rpm power in addition to a moderate horsepower increase in the mid and upper rpm range. Intended for the daily drivers, rock crawling or any application where maximum low rpm power is needed this cam will produce excellent vacuum, smooth stock-like idle and still provide increases of 20 hp/tq across the majority of the powerband. .436" advertised lift. RPM range 1500-5500rpm.  Works with stock valve springs up to 5000rpm however we recommend our cam kit with "drop in" springs if planning to rev above 5000rpm. The 1.1 and all of our cams can be ordered custom ground for N/A (non-turbo) street applications, please specify at check out in the comments section if going in a non-turbo engine.

Stage 1.1 Turbo Street Hydraulic Roller Cam .436/.436" 2000-5500RPM

  • Stage 1 cams are designed to be installed in stock heads with stock valves and retainers where valve lift is mechanically limited to .460".  Our special wide oil band hydraulic lash adjusters are required with all our camshafts to accomodate the included shim kit that comes with this cam. 

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