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Stage 1.9
For maximum performance with stock valved hydraulic heads, we offer the stage 1.9. Expect brutal top-end power gains with a cam still tame enough to drive on the street if needed. With its noticeably rough idle, this cam will let your competition (or the car next to you) know that your engine means business. Rpm range of 3200-6800rpm .436" advertised lift. We recommend our stock valve style Beehive spring kit to use the full rpm range of this cam.

Stage 1.9 Turbo Street Hydraulic Roller Cam .436/.436" 3200-6800rpm

  • Stage 1 cams are designed to be installed in stock heads with stock valves and retainers where valve lift is mechanically limited to .460".  Our special wide oil band hydraulic lash adjusters are required with all our camshafts to accomodate the included shim kit that comes with this cam.

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