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The 2.1's "big brother" is here. If you like the rpm range of the 2.1 but are searching for a little more top end HP without sacrificing low rpm torque then this is the cam for you. Expect strong torque and HP increases over the 2.1 across the entire powerband due to this cam's increased lift and slight duration increase. Excellent cam for hot street, autocross and road racing due to its wide powerband. Due to the increased lobe velocity this cam must be used with our beehive valve spring kit or valve springs with 155# closed seat pressure - hydraulic roller. Typical net valve lift is .550IN/.585EX and is designed for ported iron heads with oversized valves. .400 or .450 tip length valves only. RPM range 2200-6200rpm.

Stage 2.1X Turbo Street Hydraulic Roller Cam .550/.585" 2200-6200rpm

  • Stage 2 cams are not designed to be used with stock style multi groove valves. Machine work to the valve guide bosses required with .550" tip length or factory multi groove valves. No machine work is required with our valve, beehive spring and retainer kit. Aftermarket springs recommended with minimum of 150# closed pressure.   Our special wide oil band hydraulic lash adjusters are required with all our camshafts to accomodate the included shim kit that comes with this cam.

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