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Let our 20 years of championship winning 2300 Ford head building experience put you in the winner's circle! There simply is nothing out there producing the flow and power our heads make, or offering the before and after sale customer service that we can. Only the highest quality components, 5axis CNC porting and modern machining practices go into your custom built head. Every head is meticulously ported, machined, cleaned, clearanced, setup and assembled with the utmost attention to detail . To simplify the ordering process, we have listed below our most common head assembly and upgradable options. Our head package below begins with a magnaflux tested crack-free factory iron D port closed chamber core, hardened exhaust seat inserts, new valve guides installed (diamond honed to size), Solid lifter conversion with tower straps, milling for high compression (CBN finish for MLS gaskets), Bo-port spec high flow stainless or Titanium valves, X series beehive valve springs, custom billet roller cam CNC ground for your application (see camshafts page for different grind info), roller followers, lash set and ready to install on your short block. We recommend our stage 3 porting program for 2300cc engines up to 8000rpm and for 2500cc engines up to 7500rpm. Our stage 4 porting program is better suited for 2300cc engines turning 8000rpm or more and 2500cc engines (and larger) turning over 7500rpm. Both porting options' power potential is fully optimized with our matched CNC stage 4 intake manifold. Our stage 3 port head depending on cam will typically dyno test between 240-260hp. Our stage 4 head depending on cam choice will support 260-290hp (with supporting components). Give us a call with any questions  or help ordering 775-884-3000. We look forward to being a part of your racing program and helping put you in the winner's circle! 


Please note- if supplying a core it must be received and inspected for cracks and damage before your new head ships. Our core box service is UPS ground so please allow 2-7 days to receive box and label. Express shipping services available for additional cost.***If sending in a core, we recommend you have it checked for cracks locally first. In order for core credit, the core sent must be free of cracks, any damage or anything to make it not readily rebuildable.***

CNC Ported Solid Roller Circletrack Head

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