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Planning a reliable high horsepower capable engine build? Look no further than our new assembled turbo 2.3 shortblock assembly. We start out with a virgin std bore turbo block and after thorough cleaning the block gets bored .020" oversized to fit our forged CP dished turbo pistons. The bores are honed with a torque plate. We also beefen up the mains with ARP main studs and the caps are align honed for proper fitment. The crankshaft is magnafluxed, checked for straightness and journals are either polished or turned .010" then polished. New clevite bearings throughout. Our heavy duty H Beam rods with ARP bolts also come standard. The assembly is balanced, rings gap clearances set then final assembled. All clearances are checked and each engine comes with a build sheet showing clearances in your engine. New auxiliary shaft bearings are installed. Ships by freight and freight charges billed at time of shipment. Block and crankshaft core charges apply. Cores returned must be in rebuildable condition, standard bore size, standard crankshaft journal size and from turbo application. Oil pan required for core credit. Other options available including complete engines ready-to-run. Feel free to contact us before placing an order with any questions 775-884-3000

Stage 3 Turbo Shortblock Assembly

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