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This camshaft is a solid roller cam that is the stage 3's "big brother" with increased valve lift (.595IN/.595EX) and moderate duration increases to both the intake and exhaust lobes. It is a nice step up in performance from the 3 but not as radical as the full-race stage 4. This cam can be driven on the street somewhat and is easier on valvetrain than the stage 4. This camshaft has been proven to and is recommended for 700whp goals with a heavily ported iron head. RPM range 3900-7900rpm. We recommend our matched Beehive solid roller valve springs for this cam that are 175# closed seat pressure. 

Stage 3X Turbo Race Mechanical Roller Cam .595/.595" 3900-7900rpm

  • Solid roller camshafts require the installation of solid lifters. This camshaft requires are Beehive solid roller valve springs or other springs with 175# closed seat pressure minimum with clearance for .595" valve lift. Machine work is required to the spring pockets and Boport or other .400 or .450" tip valves are required. 

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