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Valves, Springs, Retainers and Locks
Eliminate the hassle and confusion when tracking down valvetrain components for your 2.3 Ford head build. Factory 2.3 heads only allow up to .460" valve lift before the retainers will contact the valve seals, causing engine damage. We have engineered a kit that will allow you to run higher lift hydraulic roller cams up to .600" (beehive option) without ANY machine work to your factory head's guide bosses or spring pads - this includes our stage 2, 3  and X series hydraulic roller cams . The standard kit will support up to .550" lift. This drop-in kit features our high-flow oversized stainless steel 1.89" and oversized 1.60" exhaust valves (or stock diameter stainless valves) , Beehive or Pacoloy single hydraulic roller springs, light weight chromoly retainers and hardened machined valve locks. You will still need to have your head machined for the hi-flow oversized valves, but we eliminate the guesswork on spring pressure and mechanical clearance. Please select your valve size below.

Valvetrain Kit - Valves Springs Retainers

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